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What music artists at work and promote an album is similar to the process of making and distributing a film.
Writing songs is the pre-production, recording the album is the aspect of production and promotion of the album, music videos and going on a trip is post-production. With all stages of this process there is someone behind the scenes the director of marketing, know how to make each stage is a success. The writing of each song has to be catchy and create a fan base, each impeccable sound recording needs, the course has to be epic and create an unforgettable experience for the employer, and music videos each need to have a new single story , entertain and show the artist as a spectacle.
The music videos have evolved considerably since the first music video ever air on MTV, "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the British group The Bugles. However, the music videos for early 1980 are performance driven in a "funny story" or marking a lot of little people with funny clothes. The first artist to change the standard format of a music video by the late Michael Jackson, who worked with Hollywood director John Landis to produce the video for Epic, "Thriller."

This production was a mini-cinema and was a success worldwide. What made the video even more successful was the way it was marketed, branded, packaged in a 90-minute VHS and a sale price of $ 9.99 wherever music is sold food.
Music videos today are like mini-movies with special effects, big budgets and complete story lines. Music videos are of vital importance because they are one of the earliest forms visual fan experience a new album from your favorite artist. Fans do not experience the process of writing or recording, so you see the story or message of the video track allows you to put on a ventilator to display the artist's unique style and point of view, apart from just listening to the radio. Marketing of an artist is to know the importance of continuing the brand with fresh video content.
When a new single coming out so if the video as a way to keep fans attracted to the album, leading to the I-tunes to download the full album of their I-pods or MP3 players and excited with a possible tour to support their favorite artist.

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It is quite amazing how successfully marketed brands, people and companies changed and evolved over time.
A hundred years ago the mark of a successful advertisement was if it was featured on the front page of the local newspaper or posted on a store front window. Then came the invention of the television and commercials, radio broadcast, (word of mouth always works), but the breakthrough which has been the greatest gift to the marketing industry was the invention of the internet and the beast which arose with social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.
Company advertisements are no longer limited to a tiny corner in the New York Times next to obituaries or ‘Dear Abby’ (what a relief, although some of those Dear Abby letters are quite comical.)
Videos, whether they be corporate videos, commercials, web videos, viral videos, music videos, you name it, have a target reach which is virtually unlimited. YouTube is one the most successful means of advertising because of the millions of hits its music and web videos receive a day. Before people begin watching the latest Rhianna music video or celebrity sighting segment, there usually is a 30 second commercial advertisement. Utilizing that space would be ideal for any company to sell their message and/or brand. YouTube is known for getting thousands of hits on any variety of videos a day, and if your companies’ commercial or video advertisement is attached, it's receiving optimum coverage.
Companies such as Sunblockstudios and Pandora, Music Choice and Fuse Music provide an opportunity to market to a large population of people as well on their websites. Millions of bored workers spend a large portion of their days listening to these sites. Those who can’t log onto Pandora, Music Choice and others do so at night, while they are surfing the web, checking email, or playing ‘Farmville’. And, every three or so songs, a well-placed advertisement is shown.
Talk about a captive audience.
It is important to stay informed as to what websites are popular. People utilize and use most in a day and take advantage of video marketing opportunities which are available. Moving forward, the companies who will grow and expand are the ones who will know how important viral video marketing campaigns are to help reach their important potential customers.
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Los Angeles Viral Video Production

SUNBLOCK STUDIOS is an expressive film and video production company with locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas. SUNBLOCK STUDIOS strives to help its clients reinforce their brands by offering fun, fresh, yet professional commercials, corporate videos, and internal videos for companies and ranging from Fortune 500 to small business at affordable prices. SUNBLOCK STUDIOS also works with talented artists and musicians creating ground-shaking music videos, viral videos, and promotional press and media kits.
SUNBLOCK STUDIOS utilizes the best ultra-high definition cameras and post-production tools, as well as a talented team of producers, directors, editors and crew in order to guarantee clients eye-popping video and television productions. Although we have locations in San Diego and Los Angeles, California as well as a virtual offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, our producers, directors, crew and equipment travel worldwide for video and television production.
Regardless of your video production needs, SUNBLOCK STUDIOS has a package to meet almost every budget. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. Click here to see some samples and testimonials of our work.

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San Diego Film Production

Bob Dylan said it best; “Times, they are a changing.” And in no place does this statement hold water than in the world of the independent film studio. The entire entertainment industry is at a cross roads in time where those who evolve, and roll with the changes in technology will succeed. It is our belief Film studios should take the first step in progressing the whole industry to a more cooperative and profitable future.
One of the fundamental parts of the Sunblock Studios mission is to adapt to the changing needs and to listen to the desires of our customers. Although we are in no way perfect in this matter, we do believe a user-friendly compromise between the studios and the new generation of digital distribution needs to exist, which should eliminate the growing number of pirates that exist in the Internet community.
The first step is to create a pact. Invite other studios to join you in the forefront of content distribution. When there is a decrease in piracy, there will become an increasing need for consumers to purchase content. This will naturally lead to higher sales of your product and profit, which may have been lost from DVD sales, will be compensated by a decrease in piracy.
The next step; become Apple friendly. Apple has long had a success with creating user-friendly content distribution.
Next; join Netflix. Make all movies available for instant viewing with their Netflix membership. In August 2010, Netflix announced it had reached a five-year deal worth nearly $1 billion to stream movies from Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM. The deal increases the amount Netflix spends on streaming movies annually. It spent $117 million in the first six months of 2010 on streaming, up from $31 million in 2009. This deal adds roughly $200 million per year.
We live in a user-oriented society. Everything is on-demand and a click away. This should not be any different with movies.
Make all movies available on the Internet even before the DVD release. This will provide two benefits to the end user. First, even when they are paying for downloads it keeps them top of mind of your brand. It will also give them the instant gratification of believing they are receiving access to the movie before it comes out.
You also have to accommodate all types of devices and platforms for your product. Although we suggested becoming Apple friendly earlier; always keep your product user friendly.
Several other ideas are to create online screenings. Allow certain films the ability to premier online. This will put Hollywood in the forefront of the digital age. Accommodate smaller web sites for distribution. This will give audiences a choice of where they can rent and download their movies from.
Most importantly, listen to your viewers. Your viewers are speaking through their actions. Always try and anticipate what they want and incorporate the viewers’ needs into your methods of distribution.
It is crucial to shift responsibility from the viewer to the film studios in effort of solving the problem of film piracy in the digital age. Film studios must take action in leading the technological advancements of the Internet age. Anticipation is a key factor, however activation is crucial. And we urge other studios to make the changes necessary and lead by example.
Sunblock Studios, Inc. is an entertainment development and video production company with locations in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas which creates evolved films, television series, commercials, music videos and creations for the Internet distribution revolution. Sunblock Studios works with top development executives and hosts a myriad of directors in order to create video productions that are unmatched in quality.

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